Business areas

Export and import

To meet the diverse demands of the domestic and foreign markets, and at the same time, to provide maximum support for domestic construction material factories, which are used for industrial construction works, energy … Green Technology Trading and Construction Joint Stock Company is ready to provide you with the following services: - Import-export services - Sea-going vessels - Delivery at the port, the construction site - International payments


Trade - Service Division was established and became a key component in the development of Green Technology Trading and Construction Joint Stock Company (CNX). CNX has been involved in supplying a wide variety of materials in the construction industry for a wide range of projects across the country. With a well-established supply network in the building materials industry, CNX has become a reliable partner of many reputable developers and builders. Quality Policy CNX always set the target of quality to…


Along with the growth in construction field and potential investment projects of CNX, the manufacturing sector of CNX will have adequate growth and proactively ensure the quality of raw materials. input materials for the CNX sector value chain, contributing to support for the core business areas of the CNX.

General Contractor

Green Technology Construction and Trading Joint Stock Company (CNX) affirmed its position as a prestige building contractor trusted by the owner and customer not only by long history of development with experience construction but also the leading construction group in the application of green technology in modern construction in Vietnam. As the general contractor for construction, direct construction of works as the investor, CNX always strictly comply with the general provisions of the current law and strict implementation of quality…