Cooperation opportunities

CNX creates opportunities for development cooperation and business choice on the basis of voluntariness, equality, mutual benefit; At the same time bring benefits to society, the community. Credibility, Size and professional competence are the criteria of the CNX in cooperation with partners. With the motto "Cooperation for development on the basis of equality and mutual benefit", CNX always welcomes and is ready to negotiate ideas and opportunities to cooperate with all partners and subcontractors. CNX.

Vendor Policy

CNX has always considered suppliers an important link in its business chain, having a special position that contributes significantly to the success of CNX. CNX's supplier policy helps establish and maintain a strong business relationship. We find business relationships more effective and effective when built on trust, mutual respect and common values, from which we seek relationships with suppliers who have pledged together: 1 | Comply with current laws and regulations. 2 Always welcome qualified suppliers, good products, prices or…

Subcontracting policy

Being a subcontractor of CNX, you can not only work in a professional, dynamic and creative environment but also receive many preferential policies and support for CNX's subcontractors with the goal of " co-development " 1- Employment support CNX's Human Resources Department will assist the subcontractor in recruiting technical staff (upon request) to improve the management team level. 2- Preferential payment CNX accepts to subcontract the maximum when signing the contract. Release immediately after the settlement or when a new…