Event News

Team Building 2018: Gay cấn trận cầu giữa Hỏa team và Mộc team

As part of the 2018 Teambuilding series, on June 8 th, the Green Team (Green Tech Joint Stock Company) and the Carpentry Team

EcoLife Capitol Condominium Conference: Open, transparent, democratic

On June 10th, at the EcoLife Capitol apartment building, Capital Investment and Trading Joint Stock Company – the owner of the EcoLife Capitol apartment building project

Launch Teambuilding 2018: Running “For the Green Life”

On March 10, at the Yen So Park in Hanoi, the “Green Life” Run for the 2018 Teambuilding Program was officially launched.

Admire the green office space in the CNX

Human being at the center of development, Green Technology Trading and Construction JSC – Capital House

4 green certificates for CNX projects as general contractor for construction

EcoLife Capitol – General Contractor: Green Technology Trading and Construction Joint Stock Company,

Application of green technology in construction of high buildings in Vietnam

The overcrowding, cramped, polluted … of big cities today is the main reason why home buyers increasingly want to live in the green space, friendly with health, close to nature … Accordingly, green property development is a trend that many investors are aiming at, including Capital House Group – the pioneer in creating green living space in Vietnam. The EcoLife Capitol of Capital House – General Contractor CNX – is one of the typical green projects Green because of humanity…

EcoLife Capitol Receives International Certification EDGE: Living Quality with Green Project

When environmental pollution becomes a global problem and people can clearly perceive environmental impacts, awareness in the community

EcoLife Capitol invests in UF water purifier system at tap

Tap water is very strange in Vietnam. In the world only some countries apply the most advanced water purification technology

The real estate market is booming, and the construction industry is set to expect much in 2018

Continuously for 3 years 2015 – 2017, the construction industry has achieved good growth rate and is expected to continue in 2018. Over the past three years, construction and real estate have been one of the most exciting developments in the economy. According to the report of the Ministry of Construction, the general 06 months is estimated at 52.652 billion, equaling 48.4% of the plan in 2017. The data of the Administration of Business Registration also showed that over the…

Vietnamese construction enterprises in the wave “bring troops to fight people”

The competitiveness of Vietnamese contractors is not only in the labor force, but also in construction materials as well as design consultancy, construction supervision, project management and other related services. According to many economists, after more than 10 years of study and development, construction firms have been able to compete fairly with all foreign contractors, including Korea and Japan. Subcontractors from construction firms have become successful contractors or profit sharing partners, managing super-high-rise projects and reaching out to developed countries.…