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4 green certificates for CNX projects as general contractor for construction

EcoLife Capitol – General Contractor: Green Technology Trading and Construction Joint Stock Company,

The CNX was awarded the Transformational Business Awards 2018 in London,

The Transformational Business Awards is an annual award to honor important contributors

Application of green technology in construction of high buildings in Vietnam

The overcrowding, cramped, polluted … of big cities today is the main reason why home buyers increasingly want to live in the green space, friendly with health, close to nature … Accordingly, green property development is a trend that many investors are aiming at, including Capital House Group – the pioneer in creating green living space in Vietnam. The EcoLife Capitol of Capital House – General Contractor CNX – is one of the typical green projects Green because of humanity…

Ecohome Welfare: Green living space cool at the cheap housing project

EcoHome Welfare (General Contractor: Green Technology Trading and Construction Joint Stock Company) is a low-cost green housing project in accordance with EDGE standards.

Multi-purpose apartment to attract investors

An apartment with many utilities to use, diversified way of profitability is a good choice for investors to increase profits