On June 10th, at the EcoLife Capitol apartment building, Capital Investment and Investment Corporation – the owner of the EcoLife Capitol apartment building successfully organized the first EcoLife Capitol Condominium Conference 2018-2021.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the People’s Committee of Me Tri Ward, Nam Tu Liem District, representing the investor of the Capital Investment and Trading Joint Stock Company with 609 residents, reaching 80.8 % representative of the owner, qualified for organization as prescribed.

The conference took place with four main contents: Approval of the draft Regulation on organization of apartment conferences; Election of members of the condominium management board; Report on the operation of the EcoLife Capitol apartment building; Voting through the draft.

The list of candidates nominated to the Board of Governors has been publicly posted and reported to the entire population to ensure the implementation of democratic elections, publicity and transparency. With the election of the condominium management board, residents are not only guaranteed their legitimate interests through the representatives but investors also easily receive the thoughts and opinions of residents to build together. Building a civilized community in the EcoLife Capitol.

List of members elected to the Executive Committee of EcoLife Capitol 1 – second meeting – Term of 2018-2021, 01 representative member of the Investor and 06 members of the resident representative as follows:

Mr. Nguyen Trung Thanh – Representative of Investor – Thu Do Trading and Investment JSC

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Binh – Owner of apartment No. A1- 3102

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hao – Owner of Apartment No. A1- 2810

Mr. Nguyen Gia Thai – Owner of Apartment No. A1 – 12A04

Mr. Nguyen Thang Long – Owner of apartment number A2 – 3401

Mr. Vu Cong Ngoc – Owner of apartment number A2 – 1410

Mr. Nguyen Viet Tam – Owner of Apartment A2 – 3207

Through the conference, the Capital Investment and Trading Joint Stock Company believes that, with the support of the authorities, the support of the entire residents as well as the efforts of the investor, the apartment. EcoLife Capitol will continue to be one of the most civilized and modern residential developments in Hanoi.

Also at the meeting, the representative of the Investor – Mr. Nguyen Trung Thanh, Head of the Service – Marketing Department, acknowledged the practical comments of representatives of the People’s Committee of Me Tri Ward and self-review, drawing experience for some shortcomings in the organization.

Review the images of the EcoLife Capitol Condominium Conference:

Hoi-nghi-nha-chung-cu 1The Delegate Verification Panel seriously tests the identification
The delegate is eligible to attend the conference

Hoi-nghi-nha-chung-cu 2Panorama Conference

Hoi-nghi-nha-chung-cu 3Composition of the Chair

Hoi-nghi-nha-chung-cu 4Mr. Nguyen Trung Thanh comments on the draft

Hoi-nghi-nha-chung-cu 5The drafts received 100% approval from participants

Hoi-nghi-nha-chung-cu 6

Hoi-nghi-nha-chung-cu 10Hoi-nghi-nha-chung-cu 11Hoi-nghi-nha-chung-cu 12One resident contributed a performance to the conference

Hoi-nghi-nha-chung-cu 13

7 members of the Board of Governors of the EcoLife Capitol for the term of 2018 – 2021 launched the conference

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