Environment, culture workCNX is a professional, friendly, fair and transparent working environment for staffs. Here, the staffs are facilitated to maximize the capacity, personal qualities, the opportunity to challenge and develop. Leadership is always close, leading and accompanying each employee, giving authority, clear responsibilities.

Taking people at the center of development, CNX always attaches importance to building corporate culture. All activities of CNX are based on the interests of each employee. The company emphasizes the individuality of each individual, maximizing the advantages of each person to connect, spread and build a corporate culture and sustainability.

IMG_0033Lấy con người làm trung tâm của sự phát triển, CNX đặt quyền lợi, sự phát triển của mỗi CNNV lên hàng đầu

2Xây dựng một tập thể đoàn kết, bền chặt, cùng nhau phát triển là mục tiêu của CNX