HR policies

With a team of engineers, architects, workers, staffs are well trained, knowledgeable, proficient in advanced technology and construction technology, the work done by the CNX is guaranteed to bring. absolute satisfaction from customers.

With the desire to contribute to the fire, the CNX staff always fully and deeply aware of their obligations and responsibilities to customers. Each engineer, worker, and employee performs meticulously and meticulously; Continuously learn, improve the workmanship to bring the best products, for the ultimate goal of “green life”.

Human resources

Staff trained, regular, work properly specialized training

Teams have long experience working for civil construction, industry, infrastructure …

Equipped with knowledge, insight, clarity, completeness and comprehensiveness of green building

Typical personnel

The company built clear criteria for identifying key actors, key personnel,

Typical personnel are recognized, honored and transparent; have incentive policies to attract, keep the talents attractive