Being a subcontractor of CNX, you can not only work in a professional, dynamic and creative environment but also receive many preferential policies and support for CNX’s subcontractors with the goal of ” co-development ”

1- Employment support

CNX’s Human Resources Department will assist the subcontractor in recruiting technical staff (upon request) to improve the management team level.

2- Preferential payment

CNX accepts to subcontract the maximum when signing the contract. Release immediately after the settlement or when a new contract.

3- Training assistance

In order to achieve the goal of “Co-development,” CNX supports the improvement of management and technical capacity through the provision of knowledge and skills training to subcontractors. Employees of subcontractors who work with the CNX will benefit from training and skill training support, professional development through internal and external training, seminars sharing knowledge, experience, …

Provide regular work to subcontractors

CNX is determined to take the motto “provide regular work for subcontractors, minimize waiting time” as a strategic goal. The specific solution is to consider subcontracting coordinators between adjacent or suitable sites to ensure the highest rate of employment in a flexible manner so that subcontractors can be assured of a focus on real Contracts construction, reducing the burden of looking for jobs.