CNX has always considered suppliers an important link in its business chain, having a special position that contributes significantly to the success of CNX.

CNX’s supplier policy helps establish and maintain a strong business relationship. We find business relationships more effective and effective when built on trust, mutual respect and common values, from which we seek relationships with suppliers who have pledged together:

1 | Comply with current laws and regulations.

2 Always welcome qualified suppliers, good products, prices or total cost of ownership, competition and long-term cooperation with CNX.

3 Put quality into business processes.

4 All suppliers must have records kept and updated regularly

5 Supplier records must include at least: Company profile, catalog, CO / government, sales policy, sales process, major customer (supplier), supplier The highest ranking company, the highest decision maker in the field of sales …

6 | All regular and / or valued suppliers (including strategic suppliers, contracted suppliers, etc.) are evaluated quarterly (including at the end of each project). and irregularities upon request.

7 | Strategic suppliers are also examined and evaluated unexpectedly to compare commodities, prices and terms of trade versus market.