Vision: Taking Green Technology as a foundation for development, constantly improving and improving the quality to become one of the ten prestigious contractors of Vietnam in the field of construction of high buildings.

Mission: As a pioneer in the application of Green Technology in construction, CNX has a mission to contribute to the development of the country’s construction and infrastructure, to create value for life. Social, sustainable for society and community.

Core values:

“Tri – tin – copper – heart – stick”

We concede that sustainable green values ​​are only created by a green thinking, green thinking will only lead to green action. We are especially committed to commitment to customers, partners, raising the prestige of CNX, aiming to create values ​​of friendly and sustainable.

From these orientations, we identify the five core values ​​as follows:

ARTICLES: INTRODUCTION INTELLIGENCE, creativity, is the light of the beacon that guides vision and mission.

TIN: CNX is committed to respecting ethical standards, keeping credibility BUILDING FAITH in every relationship, dealing with colleagues, customers and partners.

DO NOT: CNX promotes the spirit of COMMUNITY AGAINST the common goal for a strong collective.

CENTER: CNX puts the heart in every action, builds a working environment for humanity and pursues a business philosophy in association with social responsibility.

PLEASE: CNX KIEN DINH with vision and mission, KIEN CUONG before all challenges and MEETING conquered the goal.